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The potential for crop production in Bangladesh is immense. However, we are not operating at maximum capacity yet. Even with favorable soil condition, crop production in Bangladesh has not always been adequate. This means Farmers needed to boost its production through usage of balanced fertilizers. ACI Fertilizer has come up with a wide range of organic fertilizer, macro & micronutrient and foliar fertilizers while incorporating modern methods and technology in the soil management practices in Bangladesh to ensure high yields of crops.

ACI Fertilizer collaborates with the government, as well as agro-research institutions to find out the best agricultural practices that can promote better yields. It trains retailers and farmers partnering with government and non-government organizations about the benefits and nutrient contents of different fertilizers, helps farmers to select a balanced mixture of fertilizers for their land and encourages farmers to use organic and bio fertilizers in order to restore soil health and enhance sustainability of natural resource.

The mission of ACI Fertilizer is to provide complete plant nutrient & soil health solution to the farmers for optimum crop production with quality products, new technology, better customer service & effective communication.

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