Bumper Joibo Shar


Carbon & Nitrogen Ratio: 20:1 (Maximum)
Organic Carbon: 10-25%
pH: 6-8.5
Moisture: 15-20%
Nitrogen: 0.5-4.0%
Phosphorus: 0.5-3.0%
Potassium: 0.5-3.0%
Sulphur: 0.1-0.5% & Other Micro Nutrients.


• Field Crops: Apply 450-500 kg/Hectare in the soil at the time of land preparation or as per needed of the crops
• Plant: 2-5 kg/Plant for fruits and other plants at the time of planting and before rainy season or after rainy season surrounding the plant in the soil

Pack Size

1 kg, 5 kg, 40 kg

Key Benefits

Organic Fertilizer maintains the good soil health, increases the microbial activity in soil, increases the use efficiency of chemical fertilizers, reduces the use of chemical fertilizer (15-25%), increases the water holding capacity in soil and increases the crop production.